Who Should Be a Registered Agent for an LLC?

who should be a registered agent for an LLC Florida

As an LLC owner in Florida, you are legally required to designate a registered agent. This person or business will be responsible for receiving legal documents on your behalf.

Some small business owners decide to be their own registered agent, while others use a professional service. There are many benefits to using a registered agent service.


If you want to form a Florida LLC, you must have a registered agent. This person is required to be at your business address during normal business hours and accept legal notices on behalf of the company.

Your Florida registered agent must be a person, business, or an entity. Regardless of who acts as your registered agent, they must be at least 18 years old and have a street address in Florida.

Having a registered agent for your LLC helps protect you from lawsuits and other legal issues, which may come up in your business or personal life. They are also responsible for forwarding all service of process, legal documents, and official government communications to your LLC.

It is important to choose a registered agent who has the experience and qualifications to do the job well. This will ensure that you get the most value from their services, and you can focus on your business.


If you want to start an LLC in Florida, you’ll need to designate a registered agent for your business. This is an essential step in ensuring your company is compliant and operating smoothly.

An experienced registered agent will help you with your LLC formation paperwork and keep your business in good standing. They can also offer additional services that take the pressure off of you and make your life easier.

The main role of a registered agent is to be available for receipt of important documents on behalf of your business, like tax notifications and annual report reminders. They also accept service of process if someone files a lawsuit against your business.

An experienced registered agent will also help your business maintain a presence in Florida, which is especially important if you move or are planning to relocate your company. This helps you avoid fees, penalties, and other consequences of not maintaining a physical address in the state.


If you want to get your LLC off the ground without paying the heavy costs, a registered agent is a great option. Besides saving you time and money, they also help ensure your business is in compliance with state and federal laws.

A registered agent should have a Florida street address, and be available during normal business hours to accept legal mail and court documents on behalf of your LLC. They also forward important mail and notify you of compliance deadlines and other important information.

Northwest offers a year of registered agent service in Florida for $225 with every business formation package they sell. However, this plan isn’t as competitive as other options in terms of features, and it lacks identity theft protection.

IncFile is another affordable registered agent provider that can save you money if you’re working with a tight budget. They offer an online dashboard, easy access to your important business documents, and compliance alerts. They also provide customer support, so you can rest assured that your files are being taken care of.


In the state of Florida, anyone can serve as your registered agent as long as they are a resident and available at their listed address during standard business hours. However, we recommend hiring a professional service to protect your privacy and help you maintain a good record with the state.

The best registered agents will scan and upload your important documents on the day they’re received, assist you with your Articles of Organization, and let you know when your annual reports and other important legal paperwork is due. They will also offer identity theft protection to prevent your personal details from falling into the wrong hands.

Swyft Filings is a reliable, experienced Florida registered agent with ultra-fast turnaround times for vital corporate filings and legal documents for your LLC. They also offer online access to essential mail and notifications for due dates and deadlines, making them a convenient option for any Florida-based business owner.