What Is Required For Florida LLC?

what is required for Florida LLC

Whether you’re thinking of starting a Florida LLC for your business or you have one already, there are several things you must do. These include forming an LLC, filing an annual report, and filing federal and state tax returns.

First, you need to choose a name for your Florida LLC that is unique. Ensure it doesn’t include any words that could confuse your customers or cause confusion with other businesses on file with the Florida Secretary of State.

Articles of Organization

The articles of organization are legal documents that establish a limited liability company (LLC). These documents outline the rights, powers, and obligations of an LLC.

A business lawyer can help you with the information you need to include in your articles. Getting the right information on the form can save you time and money later, so it’s worth spending some time making sure everything is correct.

In Florida, you can file the articles of organization online, by mail or in person. The state fee is $125 and it can take a couple of days to process.

One of the most important parts of filing your articles of organization in Florida is ensuring that you have at least one manager and one member. This may seem like an obvious thing to check, but it’s something that you should never overlook.

Registered Agent

In the state of Florida, business entities like LLCs and corporations must have a registered agent. This person or company must have a physical presence in the state and be able to receive legal communications on behalf of the business.

A registered agent receives service of process notices, correspondence from the Secretary of State, official government notifications, tax forms, and notices of lawsuits. They also serve as the point of contact for receiving any other important documents for a business.

You can hire a company or an individual to act as your Florida registered agent. Some people choose to be their own registered agents, while others use a trusted professional service.

You should choose a Florida registered agent who is available during business hours and can receive anything sent on your behalf and notify you when it arrives. This will allow you to stay on top of time-sensitive legal requests.

Annual Report

If you are a Florida LLC, you’ll need to file an annual report with the state each year. This yearly checkup provides the state with updated information about your business, including its principal office address, registered agent and the names of authorized members or managers.

An annual report is also a great opportunity to share your company’s accomplishments and chart its future. You can include a letter from leadership to thank your team for their work and to share goals and objectives.

The process of filing an annual report is simple and can be done online at the Sunbiz website. However, it’s important to review and verify your information for accuracy before submitting.

Filing an annual report is required for every LLC and corporation in Florida. Failure to file your annual report on time can result in penalties and the dissolution of your LLC.


If you operate a business in Florida, there are several taxes you’ll need to pay. These include state and local business taxes and federal taxes for businesses that are taxed as corporations.

For example, if your LLC provides professional services (like a doctor’s office or lawyer’s office), you’ll need to register with the Department of Revenue for sales and income tax. You’ll also need an EIN when filing federal business taxes.

In addition, your LLC must have a registered agent in Florida, which is a person or business that accepts official mail and other correspondence from the state. The registered agent is responsible for making sure important tax forms, legal documents and government correspondence get to you as the owner of the company.