How to Choose the Right LLC Services for Your Florida Business

When starting a business in Florida, you need to choose an LLC service that will file the required paperwork with the state. A good choice will also act as your registered agent and file your annual reports.

Northwest’s economical package starts at $39 and includes a free year of its registered agent services. It also provides an online document storage portal and compliance alerts.


Forming a Florida LLC comes with many benefits, including personal liability protection and tax flexibility. However, the cost of forming an LLC can be high, especially for new entrepreneurs. Aside from the filing fee, other costs include a registered agent and business advice. Fortunately, there are several ways to reduce the cost of establishing an LLC in Florida.

Some of the more popular LLC services offer low prices and comprehensive features. One example is ZenBusiness, which offers an affordable and easy-to-use online platform that includes an integrated LLC checklist. Additionally, the company offers a Worry-free Compliance Package that will handle your annual LLC reports and filings.

Another option is a formation service like Incorporate Fast. Their $99 basic package includes assistance with the initial paperwork, a name availability check, and a business tax consultation. They also provide an EIN and a free year of registered agent service. They also have a premium package with more services for $299.


If you’re looking for flexibility, there are several different types of Florida LLCs to choose from. You can choose a manager-managed LLC, which allows one or more managers to make decisions for the company and gives owners a hands-off approach to daily operations. You can also create a member-managed LLC, which requires owners to take part in decision making. Finally, you can form a professional LLC (PLLC), which is required for businesses that offer services that are controlled by Florida state licensing boards.

Look for an LLC service provider with a simple, hassle-free order process and a comprehensive set of business documents. For example, MaxFilings’ competitive pricing includes the state fee and all other charges with no “hidden charges.” Their online account system makes it easy to manage your Florida LLC and provides compliance reminders. It also allows you to reserve a URL for your new website. Its US-based Corporate Guides can provide assistance during the LLC registration process and offer valuable business advice as your company grows. Their $39 formation package also offers a free year of top-rated registered agent services.


When starting an LLC in Florida, it’s important to choose a reliable registered agent. This person will be on-site and available during business hours to receive legal documents and government notices for your company. Your company can designate someone to act as its own registered agent or hire an online service.

A good LLC service will provide a street address in the state of Florida, assign a dedicated account manager, scan and upload important legal documents to an online portal, forward mail, and offer compliance alerts so you don’t miss deadlines. Some services even take on the responsibility of filing annual reports for your company.

The best LLC service will be a trustworthy and reliable registered agent that offers affordable pricing and quality customer support. Some services may also offer extra features, such as consultations with small business experts and online courses. However, these features are not always necessary and should be considered as an optional upsell.

Customer service

In addition to assisting you with LLC formation, an LLC service should offer responsive customer support. They should be able to answer any questions you have about the process and help you stay compliant. Some services also provide extra features like consultations with small business experts or online courses that teach basic business skills.

You should be aware of the requirements for operating your business in Florida. For example, you may need to obtain local or state licenses and permits. These may include health department permits, zoning permits, home occupation licenses, and professional licenses. Some of these licenses are required by law, while others are optional.

The best LLC services will assist you with obtaining the appropriate licenses and permits for your business. They will also help you file your articles of organization and file federal and state taxes. You should also designate a registered agent who will accept legal and government mail for your business. This person can be an employee, a friend, or a family member.