How to Apply For a Florida LLC

apply for Florida LLC

If you’re ready to start your business in Florida, the first step is to apply for a limited liability company (LLC). It’s a relatively simple process that can be completed online, by mail or by fax.

Then, your LLC will need to create Articles of Organization and a Registered Agent. Once you’ve done these things, your business will be ready to do business in the state.

Articles of Organization

The articles of organization are the legal documents that create a limited liability company (LLC). These papers provide important information about your business, such as its name, management structure, and mailing address.

Generally, the Articles of Organization must be filed with the Secretary of State of the state where your LLC will be operating. You can file these papers online or by mail.

The articles of organization must include the LLC’s name, principal address (its location), and a list of its Members and Managers. You also need to designate a Registered Agent. A Registered Agent is an individual or business legally designated to receive mail and important legal documents on behalf of your company.

Registered Agent

In the state of Florida, a company must have a registered agent. This person is responsible for receiving legal documents from the company and signing them on behalf of the company.

Whether you choose to be your own registered agent or hire one, a good registered agent will help you stay on top of compliance issues. They will make sure important forms and fees are filed on time and handle private information correctly.

The best registered agents can also help you set up your LLC online, book-keep your books and keep track of important legal documents. Having all these things taken care of saves you valuable time and money, and provides you with peace of mind that your legal business is in good hands.

In the state of Florida, a company can either act as its own registered agent or hire a professional service. The company can be a domestic or foreign entity (a corporation, LLC, LP or LLP) or a natural person.

Employer Identification Number (EIN)

If you’re a new business owner, or if you’re planning to hire employees, open a bank account or credit card, or file tax returns, you will need an Employer Identification Number (EIN). This number is like your social security number for your business.

There are a few ways you can apply for an EIN, including online and via fax or mail. When you fill out the application, the IRS will verify your information and immediately issue you your EIN.

When you’re applying for an EIN, the first step is to define your business structure. You will need to pick the type of entity you’re applying for and select the state it is located in.

You’ll also be asked to explain why you need an EIN. These reasons include starting a business, hiring employees, banking purposes, changing the type of organization, or purchasing an active business.


Florida is one of the most tax-friendly states for LLCs. It does not impose personal income taxes on business owners and its corporate tax rate is lower than most other states.

Depending on your business structure, you will need to know what type of taxes your company will pay. This information will help you determine whether or not to incorporate your LLC in Florida.

When your LLC is formed in Florida, it will need to register for sales tax with the Department of Revenue (DOR). You can do this online or by mail.

After your LLC is registered, it will need to file an annual report. You can do this online with Sunbiz, the official state website for filing business documents.

The main purpose of the annual report is to confirm current information about your LLC, including your address and registered agent. However, you can also make changes to your information as needed.