Best State For Single Member LLCs

best state for single member LLC

When choosing the best state for a single member LLC, you will need to take into account many factors. These include management flexibility, taxes, and fees.

One of the most popular states for an LLC is Wyoming due to its low business tax rate. It also has no personal or corporate income tax and has low sales tax rates.


Wyoming is often regarded as America’s best state for a single member LLC. It pioneered the LLC as a business entity and offers some of the most favorable laws in the country. These include no income or franchise taxes and a low sales tax rate. Additionally, Wyoming has the added benefit of enhanced privacy protection and strong asset protection statutes.

Another benefit of a Wyoming LLC is that it is easy to set up and affordable. The state charges a minimal filing fee and does not require annual reporting. However, the company must obtain an IRS Employer Identification Number (EIN) before opening a bank account.

There are many advantages of forming an LLC in Nevada, including no personal income or corporate taxes, and a lower sales tax rate than the national average of 4.0%. Furthermore, there are no residency requirements and non-residents are welcome to establish an LLC in the state. The initial filing fee is $100 and an annual report costs $50.


Many online articles promote Nevada as the best state for single member LLCs because it doesn’t impose personal or corporate income taxes or franchise tax. Additionally, it’s one of only four states that offers privacy protection for LLCs in public registration filings.

However, it’s important to note that these benefits only apply to the LLC’s business activity within Nevada. If your business is based in another state, such as Massachusetts, it will be subject to that state’s taxes when the LLC earns income.

In general, it’s a good idea to form an LLC in the state where you will be primarily conducting business. Doing so will save you money on fees and paperwork, and it will be easier for you to comply with your state’s laws. Matt Horwitz is the founder of LLC University, a leading source for state-by-state information on forming an LLC. He performs extensive research and analysis to convert state laws into simple instructions that anyone can follow.


Incorporating a single member LLC provides a business owner with the liability protection of a separate legal entity as well as flow through tax treatment. The LLC is the most popular structure for small businesses and growing sole proprietorships. Additionally, many secured lenders require their Borrowers to be an LLC because of the strong legal protections and business structure flexibility that the LLC offers.

Delaware is known as one of the most business-friendly states with low initial state filing fees and franchise taxes. It is also one of only four states that offer enhanced LLC privacy protections.

The state is home to the Chancery Court, which specializes in business-related cases. This makes the process of resolving a dispute much quicker than in courts that hear cases across multiple categories. This unique standout feature alone can make it worth incorporating in Delaware for some businesses. Additionally, Delaware does not impose a state income tax on an LLC. This is a big benefit for those who generate income from royalties on intangible assets such as artwork, music and books.

South Dakota

When running a single-member LLC, there are multiple considerations to think about, from asset protection to taxes. When it comes to choosing a state to register your business in, there are some states that stand out from the rest with particularly favorable conditions for LLCs. These states provide a combination of factors, from low fees to strong privacy laws.

For example, Wyoming offers robust privacy laws and a commitment to the corporate veil for LLCs. It also has very low fees for registering an LLC and filing annual reports. Plus, it allows you to choose whether your LLC is taxed as a regular corporation or an S-corporation.

Ultimately, the best state for your single member LLC will depend on your unique situation and industry. However, in general, you should choose the state where you live if possible to minimize expenses. This will ensure that you pay taxes only in the state where your business operates, not in multiple states.