Articles of Organization For a Limited Liability Company

If you’re planning to start a Florida limited liability company (LLC), you’ll need to file articles of organization. They form the foundation of your legal business entity and protect your assets from creditors.

You can file your articles online, by mail or in person. The process can take up to 15 days, and you’ll need to pay a $100 filing fee plus a $25 registered agent fee.

Company Name

If you are creating an LLC, the first step in obtaining an EIN number and opening a business bank account is to file articles of organization with your state’s Secretary of State. These documents will outline the rights, powers, and duties of your LLC and establish a legal framework for your company to operate in.

The company name of your Florida LLC must be distinguishable from any existing corporation or limited liability company registered with the state. The name must also not contain words or phrases that are considered “confusingly similar” in the state’s business names database.


An organization Florida that seeks to make a difference in the community and help people. These types of organizations can range from religious, animal welfare, and human-service to education, healthcare, and business.

Nonprofits are a popular type of business entity for those who want to create positive changes in their communities. They are often run by volunteers, so they can have a more hands-on approach to their work.

Professional companies may be required to include a purpose statement in their articles of organization. These statements are important for defining what the company does and where it is headed.

In Florida, LLCs are required to file Articles of Organization with the state. They contain information about the business, including its name, address, registered agent, authorized managers/members, and purpose.


Management is the process of directing and overseeing people, resources, and the operations of a business. This includes defining goals, planning actions, and organizing those actions.

It also involves a variety of other functions such as financial and legal matters, employee and human resource management, and strategic planning. All of these are important for a company to operate efficiently and effectively.

In Florida, LLCs are required to file Articles of Organization that contain certain information about their company. These include a registered agent, authorized managers and members, and an effective date.

Registered Agent

A registered agent is an individual or company that accepts service of process and other official documents on behalf of a business. It is a critical piece of the Florida legal system and can mean the difference between winning or losing a case in court.

A good registered agent will help you stay in compliance with state laws and keep your personal information safe. They will also send you notifications when it’s time to file important paperwork with the state.

You can appoint yourself as your own registered agent, or hire a professional service. Choosing the right registered agent is important for your business because it can affect how well your company is protected and how much you will be liable for if you don’t respond to a lawsuit in a timely manner.


In most states, you need to file articles of organization when you want to form an LLC. They establish your business’s legal identity and limit its liability.

The filing process is simple and involves filling out an online form or mailing in your documents. The Florida Division of Corporations accepts credit cards, debit cards, and prepaid Sunbiz eFile accounts for filing fees.

Once you’ve gathered all the required information, fill out and submit your Articles of Organization. This can take anywhere from a few minutes to several hours.

The state will review the documents and approve or disapprove them depending on whether they meet their requirements. Getting these documents filed properly is critical to starting your business.